April 6, 2016

"Awesome experience from honest people. Most other places I went to sold the same thing for more. Also the employees attention to customer details is second to none. I would highly recommend buying from Mattress Liquidators in John's Creek"
April 5, 2016

"Jim always has a great quality at the best price. Whatever the need, Mattress Liquidators has provided great products and services for my family and friends. I have known Jim to be honest and trustworthy for over 15 years."
March 25, 2016

"Great people! Great prices! Great service!"
December 24, 2015

"This place is awesome....we got a mattress over six years ago and it's still firm just like brand new to this day. Now I'm shopping for a mattress for my son and I did not remember the name of the place so I googled them and I'm so happy that I found them again...their prices and quality is excellent and the service is above and beyond. I bought a king and queen set all for under a $1000. Thank you Mattress Liquidators for your excellent service and prices."
November 17, 2015

"My husband and I were thrilled with the excellent service and price we received each time we have purchased with Mattress Liquidators!! We highly recommend them!!"